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Through proper nutrition and hydration, you can improve your athletic performance with increased energy, stamina, decrease recovery time and increase strength. Nutrition also plays a key role in academic performance as well. Our goal isn’t just to make you a better athlete, we want to help you be a better student-athlete!

Our nutrition program differ from other nutritionists, in that after our assessment we provide a completely personalized experience.  With a Champion Athletes Sports Nutrition Plan we provide you with: meal programs to reach your ideal competition body weight, competition day meal plans, daily support through text message and email with our Certified Sports Nutritionist and frequent re-revaluations.

How tall am I going to be? When will my child hit a growth spurt? What is my body fat percentage? How does my body composition affect my performance? What weight class should I compete at (and am I going to grow/be able to maintain that weight class all season?)  These are some of the most common questions we get from athletes and parents.

With Champion Athletes Growth Analysis system we take over 24 measurements of your body, your and using a program developed by endocrinologists across the country, are able to predict: an athletes adult height, when they will hit their growth spurts and how their growth compares to over 18 million other boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 20.

This information is useful for many reasons. For athletes in weight controlled sports like wrestling it can help you make sure you compete at an optimal weight class.  Maybe early in the season you can make one weight but you’re going to hit a growth spurt in the middle of the season and no longer be able to make it. If you knew that in advance you could focus on gaining muscle mass and preparing for the higher weight class. For other athletes knowing your adult height can also help determine your playing position and how best to market yourself for college.

Our body composition portion of the assessment gives you other valuable information such as: body fat percentage, the amount of body fat you’re carrying in pounds, muscle mass and percentage, water weight and fat free mass. This allows you to track your progress as you’re training and see your muscle mass increase and your body fat percentage decrease.

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise.

This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Theoretically, the more oxygen you can use during high level exercise, the more ATP (energy) you can produce. This is often the case with elite endurance athletes who typically have very high VO2 max values.

Lactate threshold (LT) training is a popular method of improving high intensity endurance performance.  An athletes lactate threshold can be increased substantially with the right training program. Athletes often use their lactate threshold to determine how to train and what sort of a pace they can maintain during endurance sports. Because the lactate threshold can be increased greatly with training, many athletes and coaches have devised complicated training plans to increase this value.

Our staff can help your customize your training and conditioning program in order to improve your VO2 Max as well as your Lactic Threshold resulting increased endurance and stamina.

Micronutrient Testing by Champion Athletes and Spectra Cell Laboratories measures 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. We also offer hormone and thyroid function testing.

This information allows our staff to provide you with proper supplements to help correct deficiencies, increase your energy and stamina, increase your overall health and boost your immune system.

Our certified nutritionist will go review the results and give you guidance as to what foods you need to help correct any problem areas or recommend what supplements you should take.