Our Programs

Champion Athletes provides a systematic approach to nutrition programs for wrestlers in 3 Steps:

When you’re trying to decide on the optimum weight class for you or your child you have 
to take into consideration maturity level, especially when it comes to puberty and growth spurts. Many studies have shown that an improper training program and poor nutrition, can have a negative effect of growth plates and even stunt an athletes adult height. At Champion Athletes we are able to calculate an athletes growth and measure their maturity level. This information allows us to more precisely prescribe the appropriate dietary plan for you or your child.

Each growth analysis includes:

  • Standing and sitting height
  • Measurement of over 15 bones in the human body
  • Puberty scale

This information is then imputed into a database used by endocrinologists that compares your child to a database of over 5 million adolescents! This information then allows us to tell you many important facts within 95% accuracy:

  • Adult height
  • When you will hit your growth spurt
  • When you will achieve your fastest period of growth (or when you already did)
  • What percentage of growth is remaining

This information allows us to design your year long training program or your temporary meal plan. Re-evaluations are done ever 6-8 weeks to ensure proper development. Because growth spurts are cyclical in nature and effected by such factors as nutrition, maturity level and training we feel it is important to re-evaluate each athlete on a regular basis.

 For those clients who are unable to travel to us (or us to them) we can still design nutrition programs to help you reach your ideal weight class.  Contact Us for more information.

In step two we go over your dietary habits, what foods you like or dislike, how often you eat, how much water you take in, as well as how much you are training.  We also conduct a  complete body composition analysis that determines your:

  • Current weight
  • Body Fat percentage
  • Muscle Mass
  • Total Body Water Weight

With this information we are able to determine what your resting metabolic rate is.  This is the number of calories that you burn in a 24 hour period if you did nothing but lay in bed all day.  This number is important because it is the minimum amount of calories your body needs to maintain basic functions without slowing down your metabolism or hurting your growth and development.  We try not to have you go below this number when trying to lose weight, so the sooner you get on a plan the more food you are going to be able to consume leading up to weigh-ins!

We then look at when you need to make weight: When are certifications?  When is your first competition?  Do you get a growth allowance mid-way through the season? This allows us to design your various plans to make sure you make weight and at the same time are able to eat 6 times during the day, stay hydrated and have energy for practice and competitions.

We then design two plans for you:


  • Meal and Snack Plan
  • 3 Meals & 3 Snacks/day
  • Designed with foods enjoyable for the athlete and to reduce hunger and cravings.
  • Optimized to Reduce Recovery Time
  • Acheive Weight and Body Composition Goals
  • Maximize Lean Muscle Mass
  • Ensure adequate nutrient intake to improve performance.
  • Maximize mental and physical performance for training and events.
  • Competition Nutrition Plan

This plan helps get you down to weight.  It gets revised after weight certifications and if you get a growth allowance or you change weights classes.


  • Pre-Meal and Snack Plan specifically designed for
  • 48 hour Pre-Competition Meals & Hydration
  • In Competition Meals & Hydration
  • Post Competition Recovery

This is the plan you get that includes what you should eat the day or a match or tournament.  For a two day tournament or multiple-day weigh-in events we also give you an outline of what to eat and drink throughout the day in order to make weight the next day.

If you would like more information you can visit Champion Athletes Home Page or Contact us here.