Fischer Competes at Cadet World Championships

We want to congratulate Thomas Fischer for competing at this past weekends UWW Cadet Freestyle World Championships. Thomas is a fierce competitor currently living in Summit, New Jersey. He has placed in both the Italian Nationals and Swiss National Championships. This year he won the Swiss National Freestyle Championships and earned a spot at the Cadet World Championships held in Athens, Greece.

Competing at the 46kg Thomas drew Russian competitor, Magomed Abdurakhmanov in the first round. Thomas was able to get to his leg attacks several times but was ultimately countered and ended up losing. In international tournaments competitors who lose before the semi-finals are not eligible for wrestle-backs unless the competitor they lost to makes the finals. Magomed lost in the semi-finals, losing to eventual world champion Kurt McHenry in the semi-finals by a score of 5-4. Magomed came back and took a strong 3rd.

This was Thomas’s first trip to the World Championships and we have no doubt that it’s just the first of many.

Here is a message our head Nutritionist received from Thomas after the event:

“I was really surprised with how smooth and controlled my weight loss could be. I was really proud of the fact that I stepped on the scale feeling strong and in shape. I’ve never felt so good at a weigh-in. The meal plans were a huge help and it is crazy that I had a full dinner the night before I stepped on the scale. Thank you so much for your help. You really helped to show me how nutrition affects the way my body feels.” -Thomas Fischer

Thanks for the kind words Thomas and good luck this season!

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