Recipe of the Week: Oat and Berry Muffins

This Recipe of the Week makes for an amazing breakfast, snack or even desert.

Oat Muffins

Comment: Breakfast, power snack
Serves 6
Protein: 20%
Carbohydrates: 62%
Fat: 17%


1 medium banana, Chiquita
1 large Egg, chicken
2 tbsp Honey, ShopRite
1 tsp Baking Powder, Argo
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg, McCormick
1 tsp Cinnamon, Ground, McCormick
1 tsp Coarse Kosher Salt, Morton
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract, McCormick
1 cup Greek Yogurt, Fage
1 cup Milk, Hood
1 1/2 cup 100% Natural Oats, Quick Oats, Hy-Top
1 cup Blueberries, Valley Fresh Berries


Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees F.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl except the berries.
Spray muffin tin with cooking spray
Layer the mixture into the tins with berries in the middle. Fill the rest of the way with mixture and top with berries.
Cook approximately 30 min at 350 Degrees.
Allow to cool before removing from pan.

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