Steve Bonsall

Steve Bonsall Jr. has been a client for six years and is a two time New Jersey State Qualifier and Placed 7th in 2016. Here is what his father has to say about our programs:

Dear Dan, as my son will be starting  his wrestling career at the University of Chicago,  I wanted to thank you for all you have done.  You always seem to make the time to help the athletes under your care. Over the past 6 years, you provided so much help and critical training guidance which clearly contributed to my son’s athletic development and career success. Your proven conditioning  methods and healthy eating programs were cutting edge, and spot on.     

Dan it has been a wonderful run for us,  and to be sure, we will continue to  vale, trust  and respect your judgement

Thanks again,

Steve Bonsall Sr

Good luck at the University of Chicago Steve! We look forward to continuing to help you reach your goals!

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