Why a Nutrition Plan: Better Practice, Better Results

Connor Burkert and Jason EstevezWhy a Nutrition Plan: Better Practice, Better Results!

By Dan Wernikoff, Certified Sports Nutritionist

Many times when an athlete is focused on losing weight, it can effect there practices and workouts; having them focusing on keeping a sweat going rather than proper technique and form. If you don’t have to worry about your weight, you can focus on practice and learning better technique instead of your weight. A proper nutrition plan can help control your weight issues and allow you to focus on what really important, like improving skills and getting stronger. If you feel better and stronger, you will practice harder and get more out of each practice.

Poor Nutrition and Hydration Leads to:

  • Reduced Energy Levels
  • Difficulty Concentrating: You won’t learn techniques as effectively if you can’t concentrate on your coach teaching or on drilling the moves properly.
  • Constipation: Many wrestlers report that they sometimes go days or even weeks between bowel movements.  This not only leads to retention of unwanted weight, a bloated feeling, and cramps, it can also cause you to get severely sick.

A proper nutrition plan can help you maintain a higher energy level during practice, concentrate better in the practice room and school and maintain healthy bodily functions.

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