Youth Wrestlers Bring Home Gold

We want to congratulate our 12 youth state champions for the 2017-2018 season! These young athletes are some of the hardest working in the country and deserve the same level of recognition and respect as their high school peers. We are excited to be working with more and more youth athletes every year, helping to educate them on healthy eating habits as well as eating for performance. Youth wrestlers should always be focused on establishing healthy lifestyle choices that allow them to focus on technical training and a positive outlook on the sport. Congratulations on a tremendous season guys and keep up the hard work!


Justin Onello

Ty Valenzuela

Austin Westbrook


Hunter Mays

New York:

Nick Fea

South Carolina:

Max Yegge

New Jersey:

Alex Nini

Jarod Schoope

Justin Onello

Alex Nini

Ben Shue

Matt Henrich

Aiden Wallce

Daniel Wask

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