Why Every Wrestler needs a nutrition plan

Why Every Wrestler NEEDS a Nutrition Program!

Sports nutrition in NJ is changing with Champion Athletes Sports Nutrition Program!  Wrestlers from all over the state and the country are realizing that with a proper diet they can be happier, healthier and more successful on the mat!

Proper nutrition provides these great benefits:

  • MAKES YOU STRONGER – Wrestlers who are on a properly designed Nutrition Plan are 30% stronger bythe end of the season compared to other wrestlers. (NCAA, 2008)
  • IMPROVES ENDURANCE – The correct nutrition and hydration is essential if you want to outlast the competition. If your tank runs out of gas, you can’t make it to the finish line.
  • LETS YOU RECOVER FASTER – Proper nutrition for wrestlers and hydration is essential to allow your body to recover in between practices and competitions.
  • EQUALS BETTER WORKOUTS AND PRACTICES – If you don’t have to worry about your weight, you can focus on practice and learning technique instead of your weight. If you are feeling better and stronger, you will practice harder and get more out of each practice.
  • REDUCES INJURIES – The right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats protects your body and makes you less susceptible to injuries.
  • KEEPS WRESTLERS HEALTHIER – Fewer skin infections and fewer illnesses during the season. Proper nutrition is an essential part of a strong immune system. Keeping them healthy keeps them on the mat.
  • KEEPS YOU IN BALANCE – Proper hormone levels are essential for athletes to maintain their strength and endurance. Your body needs the correct nutrition to be able to maintain your hormones at the right levels.
  • LETS YOU GROW – Proper nutrition is essential for growth and development. A nutrition plan safe guards your wrestler from stunting their growth.
  • MAKES YOU SMARTER – Wrestlers who have proper nutrition and hydration get better grades. Better grades keeps wrestlers on the mat and not academically ineligible.
  • MAKES YOU HAPPIER – 99.9% of wrestlers say the worst part of wrestling is making weight. On a nutrition plan, you don’t have to worry about making weight so you can enjoy wrestling. A balanced diet with the right nutrients allows your body to release endorphins which improves how you feel.
  • MAKES PARENTS HAPPIER – Universally, parents of wrestlers on a nutrition plan state that they and their family are happier during the season. Proper nutrition keeps your wrestler in a better mood, so t here are fewer confrontations at home between parents and siblings. Who can be in a good mood when you are hungry for 4 months per year?

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